• Ant Control Perth – A Foreign Invasion

    Controlling Ants in Perth

    Sand on your brick paving is the best indicator that your home or yard is invaded by ants. They are good at displacing other insects as well as making your home dirty. Sand on your pavement is just evidence that there are many more nests hidden inside your home.  Perth has between 30-40 native species of ants. There are also other non-native ants that are common in Perth. Non-native ants include the Coastal Brown Ant from Africa and Argentine Ant from Argentina……yes Argentina! In South America.

    The Coastal Brown that is also referred to as the Big-headed ant invades houses, yard and other natural environments. Its origins can be traced back to Africa but has spread all over the world.  The Coastal Brown is about 1.5 to 2.5 mm in length and its colour ranges from light brown to dark brown.  When looking for food, the coastal browns travel in trails. They prefer fatty foods but will also feed on seeds, meats insects and fruits. Adults ingest food by pressing it to get the juice; they cannot swallow solid foods.  The coastal brown is a nuisance to occupants everywhere they invade. They damage plants and seedlings.  They are more abundant than native species of ants because they can have more than one queen in a nest. They also live together without much discrimination; native ants are more territorial.

    Dry granulated bait is an environmentally safe way getting rid of not only Coastal Brown but also native ants. These baits are best placed in and around where they nest.  Seek the services of licensed technicians for advice on how to get rid of and prevent ants in your home or office.

    Ant Control Perth – A Foreign Invasion
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