• Ant Pest Control Perth – Treating Specific Species

    Treating specific Species of Ants in Perth

    Ants are common residents of gardens, yards and other open areas in Perth. However, there are usually more ants hidden underground or in places that are out of your site. They only come to your attention when they come out to mate or they appear indoors in search of food.  Ants cause many problems in the house. In Perth, Western Australia, the ants seen outside are only “passers-by” who will return to their homes. However, if they find conducive conditions in your home, they will create a nest. Pharaoh ants love living indoors. Carpenter and pavement ants can at times create nests indoors.

    The known species of ants are about 15,000 and there are more yet to be discovered. Ants are very good at adapting to their environment. Ants have complex social lives and communicate to each other through scents and movements.  In addition, ants can feed and damage all kind of vegetation. Different species of ants need to be treated using different methods. It has been observed that some species are becoming resistant to some pesticides.

    6 things you need to know about ants in Perth

    • Ants can move items that are close to 20 times their weight. If a small child in primary school could do the same, they could easily lift a car!
    • Queen ants can live for years giving rise to millions of off-spring.
    • The queen dies and the colony will disintegrate soon. Since the workers cannot reproduce, it is difficult to replace the queen in a colony.
    • Like bees, ant will die after fighting.
    • Ants in Perth can be rather difficult to control. It is important to keep your yard and home clean in order to keep off ants.
    • To get rid of ant infestations, you need a trained and licensed pest controller. They would usually identify the specie and therefore use the best remedy to eliminate it. These experts also have the best equipment and knowledge to ensure that the infestation does not reoccur.
    Ant Pest Control Perth – Treating Specific Species
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