• Bed Bugs Perth – What’s For Dessert?… You!

    What do you like for dessert?

    Bed bugs are small resilient insects that feed on feed on your blood for dessert. The usually reside in bed linen, furniture and wallpaper. Hotel are susceptible to infestations by bed bugs they have many different visitors and the fact that these insects love upholstery and luggage.  An adult bed bug can grow to between 4-5 mm long. The adults are reddish in colour while the nymph stage is usually translucent.  Bedbugs have glands that produce a strong disgusting smell especially when there is a heavy infestation in your home.  In its lifetime a single female bed bug can produce up to 500 eggs which are usually laid with a sticky substance so as to stick on various surfaces. A young bed bug is referred to as a nymph and has to go through 5 moults to reach the adult stage. Before moving on to the next moult, a nymph has to get a blood meal for nourishment. A nymph looks by all means like adult. However, it is smaller in size and also its sexual organs have not fully developed.

    Bedbugs are nocturnal – active mostly during the night – this is probably an adaptation to the human lifestyle. It is easier for bed bugs to bit at night when humans are inactive. Bed bugs are also good traveller and do not have wings. They have two beaks which they use to pierce the human skin. Immediately after the skin is broken, bedbugs release anticoagulant into the blood before drinking it.  Since they directly feed on blood, bed bugs are a serious health risk. Their bites cause rashes and allergic reactions. Bed bugs are carrier of over 25 diseases. However, they do not transmit most of these infections directly to humans.  These noxious insects are best controlled using insecticides as well as other methods.

    Bed Bugs Perth – What’s For Dessert?… You!
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