• Bee Removal Perth – What To Do

    Bee Removal

    In mid spring and summer bees can be seen everywhere in Perth. This happens because the hive that the bees use to live in has become too small for the huge population. The moving bees are usually in search of new places to create a new colony.  While it is possible to remove an existing colony of bees from a wall or chimney, it is not always a practical option. Other factors such as public safety come into play. In deed, the wall or part of the chimney may need to be removed.

    The effects of pest stings and bites vary from one person to another.  Once you are stung by a bee, it flies for a short distance then dies. The stinger is transferred to your skin and releases poison. If possible, remove the stinger as soon as you can.

    Beekeepers are able to remove bees from trees or walls. However, most of them find process unnecessary especially if the bees are not from a professional bee hive. They also want to avoid the aggression shown by wild bees.  When bees invade your space your best option is to call a pest controller for help. Most exterminators will avoid bee jobs as it is very dangerous. Most at times, pest controllers have no option but to kill all the bees however beneficial they may be.

    Bee Facts

    • Male bees, also referred to as drone are responsible for mating with the queen. Drones have special “seminars” where they meet with an aim of finding a queen to mate with. Drones do not sting.
    • After stinging, worker bees die almost immediately.
    • Bees have six legs.
    • Bees have two pairs of wings which lock up when flying.
    • Bees have special dances and a chemical called pheromone which they use to communicate.
    Bee Removal Perth – What To Do
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