• Cockroach Control Perth – The Disease With 6 Legs

    The six-legged disease

    Cockroaches are not only a nuisance in Perth but can also spread diseases to people. What more?! They have the guts to walk around your home in day light!  The first control measure is at their origin. They can enter your home through holes on the wall and cracks on your foundation – these entry points need to be sealed.  Ideally, you should ensure that the only structures cockroaches can enter your home is through the window and door.

    Like other insects, cockroaches thrive best in places where there is plenty of food, warmth and moisture. Therefore, hygiene is a key control measure. Food should be kept in sealed containers and spillages should be cleaned immediately.  Cleanliness is next to godliness; remember this proverb and your home in Perth will be free of cockroaches. You kitchen and bathroom should be spotless at all times. These insects are also attracted to pet food. Water is more important for their survival than food. You should ensure that you home and yard and home is free of wetness.

    You are not the first person to fight invasion by the cockroaches. Man has always been looking for the best way to get rid of them for a long time.  Baiting systems for cockroaches have been used since time began. For a bait to work, it needs to be placed in the right places. You should avoid spraying places where the bait is placed as it can contaminate the bait. Insect Growth Regulators are used together with baits for the best results.

    Cockroach Control Perth – The Disease With 6 Legs
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