A wasp is an insect that looks more like a bee, but it neither a bee nor an ant. Wasps have wings, so they fly and also sting with its venomous stinger. They usually hide in hard to find places and attack humans. There are two types of wasps, one that actually helps humans and the other that is a nuisance to us. Wasps do what bees do, they collect nectar from flowers. Although wasps are not highly fatal, their bites are extremely painful. Wasps are normally hiding insects, only coming out to find food and plant eggs. Wasps do not take any specific care of the eggs once laid. They can plant eggs into hosts that they sting.

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    Incidentally, the killer bee and the wasp happen to be a part of the same family of bugs. The reason you should watch out for wasps more than the bees is, wasps can sting multiple times, unlike bees and are massively larger than them. You can contact Wasp Removal Perth service providers to tackle the wasps.

    Avoid a Wasp’s sting

    – Some wasps lay nests on the ground, or underground. In such circumstances, stamping their nest with barefoot is the least thing anyone would want to do.

    – If you smell good then you smell like a pollinating flower to the wasps. Wasps gather nectar from the flowers, so it’s likely for them to figure out that you are not a flower and they sting you.

    – Also avoid looking like flowers, i.e, wearing bright colors, especially when attending events held in a garden. The wasp may assume you to be a flower and later sting with disappointment.

    – When eating outside, note that sugary stuff attracts the wasps, so if you seem like the intruder to the wasp, chances are it will leave you stung.

    – When wasps fly at the height of your head, stay still, because shaking your head will make them angry and they will sting you. Keeping calm tricks them into thinking you are not of any use to them and fly wait, so you definitely don’t want to swat your head and get bitten.

    – Keep your house and car windows open, especially when a wasp is in. They get panicked when they can’t leave and start stinging everyone around.

    – If you are strolling in the flower garden since long and if there are wasps in there, you will look like an invader to them and they will do anything to protect their territory.

    – Worst of all, when you find wasps building nests in and around your place, it is high time you call in a professional. Let the Wasp Removal Perth service providers intervene. They will inspect and assess the situation and take the necessary measures to exterminate the wasps.

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