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    Fleas are not only a pain and annoying to pets but also to you and your family in Perth. Fleas are resilient parasites that feed humans and other mammals. They use pets as their intermediate host. Fleas are not fully developed in winter. They leave their pupae and larvae in the warmer seasons.

    One the biggest mistakes that people make in controlling fleas is thinking that “more is better”. In other words, they think that the more chemicals they spray, the faster the fleas will be killed. This is not true when it comes to insecticides and pests. In fact, you will only be wasting the insecticide by using more. It is therefore very important to read all instructions written on the bottle and label.

    Different insecticides are manufactured for different purposes. There are those made for spraying your house while others are for using on pets.  It is very important that you only use an insecticide made for pets on pets alone. Otherwise you risk injuring the pets.

    Fleas pass through three stages of development:

    • Egg
    • Larvae
    • Pupae
    • Adult

    Due to their complex life cycle and adaptation to the weather conditions, it is difficult to know that your home is infested by fleas.  Most people find out after they are confronted by hungry fleas.  Fleas infest many places in your home. Fleas on a pet are a sign of a deeper problem and therefore treatment should address all the 4 stages.  Fleas don’t spend all their time on the host. It’s therefore paramount that the host’s environment is treated as fleas spend ¾ of their time on it. Most DYI fail to address all the 4 stages of flea development, you need to use Insect Growth Regulators to suppress growth of the immature stages.

    Pest Control Joondalup – Flea Control
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