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    Possum Control

    Possums are native to Australia. Over the years possums have evolved and adapted themselves to urban living conditions. They can be spotted running from one tree to another in parks. Possums are generally harmless but you need help to remove them from your roof or residence. Since possums are native animals of Australia, a license is need remove and relocated a possum from your residence. They are protected by the Nature Conservation act that was passed in 1992.

    Their snout is pointed while the ears have a tapering end. A fully grown Possum is the size of a domestic cat though it has a bushy tail. Their colour varies from white to black and the various shades in-between.  Possums belong to the marsupial family. Their young ones are tiny, defenceless and therefore have to spend early stages of life in their mothers pouch. As the young ones grow older, they spend less time in the pouch but generally stay in it for up to seven months. Most young ones are born during the winter season.

    Possums are herbivores and therefore feed on tree leaves and fruits such as bananas and apples. Possums are mostly active at night. They spend their day hidden in hollow tree trunk or other suitable places at your home. Possums are territorial and produce a guttural sound when defending it.  Possums are small in size but do not underestimate their ability to cause damages to your roof in an attempt to create a place to nest. Their using is acidic and can therefore destroy your roof or ceiling. In addition, their urine has a foul smell.

    As irritating as they may be, you are required to have a license to capture a possum. Moreover, as protected species killing a possum is out of question. Relocation is allowed but can result in death of the animals as it looks for new places to nest. Possums have plenty of predators and can be knocked off by vehicles as they cross roads. The ideal option is to capture the animal and then close all possible entry points. Thereafter, you can release the animal away from your home.

    Pest Control Perth – Possum Removal
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