• Pest Control Perth – Silverfish Removal

    Controlling Silverfish

    Silverfish are common pests in Perth, Western Australia. They can occupy almost any space in your home but they prefer roof cavities, wall voids and areas below the floor.  They are particularly attracted to materials that have starch like cotton, linens and printed photographs. The most attractive areas of your house for pest are those which are cool and dumpy where settle and breed. They feed on almost anything including paper, books, newspapers, wallpaper and garments.

    The body of a silverfish is shiny and also covered with scales.  Silverfish body is flat, long and slender. Their front is broad but tapers towards the end.  They do not have wings and only grow to about 1 cm in length.  To permanently take care of silverfish, you need to make conditions in your to be unfavourable for living and breeding. Otherwise, these creepy, slippery pests will keep bugging you.

    To maintain their creepiness, silverfish need to live in conditions that are very high in moisture content or else they would dry up and die. Make no mistake, these pests do not require gallons of water, moisture that gather below pipes or other metals is enough to not only sustain them but also to reproduce. Your kitchen sink offers ideal living conditions for silverfish.  It is virtually impossible to prevent moisture from accumulating in different area of your home. However, there are measures that you can take to ensure that silverfish do not get access to the moisture.

    Pest Control Perth – Silverfish Removal
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