• Pest Control Perth Wa – FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Should my kitchen cupboard be emptied before pest control is done? It is not necessary to do this as we only use gels to control roaches in the cupboard. Liquid pesticides are not used in the cupboard.
    • Will my pets be safe? Yes, your pets are safe. The active ingredient in most pest control products  is too little to cause any harm to pets.
    • How prepared should I be for pest control treatment? Remove all items such as clothes, toys and furniture that may hinder access to room edges where pests hide. Food should be kept in a safe place.
    • My carpet, will it be stained by your chemicals? No, our pesticides will not stain your carpet. We use water-based pesticides on carpets; they won’t even affect its colour.
    • The sprays, do they affect me and my family? The chemicals we use are also used in schools and hospitals and are safe.
    • Can I be in the house as you do the spraying? As pointed out above, the chemicals are safe on humans. However, we prefer that you stay out. You should only enter the rooms after about 3 hours of ventilation.
    • We have an asthmatic person in the house. Is it safe to be around? Asthma can be triggered by different allergens. We advise that the person is not in the house for up to 12 hours after the spraying is done.
    • What will happen to me if I touch a sprayed area? Do not touch the place while it is still wet. After it dries, the active ingredient is left on the surface and will not harm you. Just in case you touch the sprayed areas while wet, wash your hand with a lot of water and soap.
    • Is my food safe from the gel or paste applied in the cupboard? Yes it is. The gel/paste is only applied in cracks and crevices where the insects hide.
    • After treatment, will the insects be eliminated immediately? Not necessarily, but not to worry as they will die in a short while.
    • How often should my home be treated for pests? Well, this depends on the pest problem in your area but should not be more than 12 months. Shorter periods won’t do any harm.
    • Does your treatment guarantee to eliminate my pest problems? No, we cannot guarantee that. However, we’ll give you a three month warranty.
    • Should I wash all my utensils after the spraying is done? No, this is not necessary.
    • Should I have my carpets cleaned before or after treatment? It is better to do pest control after the carpets are cleaned.
    Pest Control Perth Wa – FAQs
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