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    There is no place in the world that has more toxic spiders than Australia. There are over 10,000 different species of spiders in Australia most of which are not harmful to people.  Spiders are predators by nature and have 8 legs and eyes. They also have a fang that spits and injects venom. They produce silk that is used to trap prey as well as lay eggs.

    The redback spider shelters at any place that doesn’t directly expose them to the elements of weather.  These places include grass, corners and structures. They are timid when attacking prey and when caring for their young ones and eggs.  The redback spider is probably the most popular spider species in Australia and is found everywhere except in the ocean and mountainous regions. The female redback spider has the ability to store sperms for up to 2 years. Her egg sacs contain about 250 eggs and can produce 10 such sacs in a period of one week.  Its venom attacks the central nervous system causing symptoms such as pain, heavy sweating   and convulsions that eventually lead to death.  Since its anti-venom was brought to Australia 56 years ago, no known person has been killed by the venom.

    • Their bites are more common in summer.
    • The female bite is the most toxic and can be on any part of the body.
    • After you are bitten, pain will increase transiently and reach its peak point after about 5 minutes. The symptoms include:
      • nausea
      • vomiting
      • abdominal or generalised pain
      • sweating
      • restlessness
      • palpitations
      • weakness and
      • muscle spasm


    Place an ice pack on the bitten area to reduce pain. A bandage should not be applied as it only serves to increase pressure which adds pain. As you go to the hospital, remember to carry the spider for identification.

    Why do you need an expert for spider control?

    • They have special information that is needed in controlling spiders.
    • They have all the equipment to catch the spider from the deepest and most hidden parts in your house.
    • They will give you a warranty that will bind them to come back to finish the job if anything was missed.
    • A professional will not only do a clean job but also a safe job. You should not expose yourself to the risks.
    • A good pest control company will remove all kinds of spiders – venomous or not.
    Pest Control Services Perth – Spider Control
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