• Pest Inspection Perth – Best Pest Prevention Tips

    Pest Prevention tips:

    • All the cracks and gaps should be sealed from the outside to prevent the pests from entering your house. Check all the cracks such as those in the windows and doors and ensure they’re sealed.
    • Ensure that the weather-stripping and door sweeps are in top condition.
    • Food should not be left uncovered outside the house.
    • Pet food attracts pest and should therefore not be left out.
    • Your yard should always be tidy. Wood, stones and other such material provide good shelter for pests.
    • Plants on the yard should be kept short at about 8-12 inches and far away from the home to prevent nesting and to avoid giving pests easy access to the home through walls and windows.
    • Plants such as rosemary, lavender and marigold are natural pest repellents.
    • You should avoid breaking wood and other materials that can harbor pests as you landscape. Choose trees to be planted on your yard based on adult size and not their size at planting.
    Pest Inspection Perth – Best Pest Prevention Tips
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