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    Flies are less problematic than other pests because they do very little to hide.  The common house fly is the most common fly that infests the human environment. They grow to up to 12 mm in length. The common house-fly lives for about 15 to 25 days. They have a hairy body, two compound eyes and six legs. Their other active stage of development is the maggot.  House flies grow through 4 stages starting from the eggs, larvae/maggot, pupae and finally the adult. In ideal conditions, this cycle is completed in 6-10 days. In its life time an adult can lay up to 500 eggs which usually hatch after 10 to 24 hours. The maggot stage lasts for between 3-7 days and later transforms into pupae and then the adult common housefly. The adult is sexually mature after 36 hours.  Flies lay their eggs where there is plenty of food. They particularly like garbage and compost pits. Flies dissolve their food using a liquid that comes from the stomach. Their spongy mouth parts are used to suck the dissolved food.

    Cleanliness is the best remedy for house flies. Garbage cans should remain closed to avoid infestation. The maggots in garbage cans can be killed using boiling water. Traps can be used to trap house flies.  Flies are most active in the wet weather when they reproduce rapidly. They are responsible for transmitting diseases such as dysentery and cholera. They transmit these diseases by feeding and stepping on dirt. If food or water is left uncovered flies will step on it and contaminate the food with the germs. People will then come to eat the food and become infected with a disease. Therefore, the way to prevent the diseases that are transmitted by flies is by covering the food.

    Pest Management Perth – Fly Control
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