• Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Perth

    Pre-purchase Pest inspection Perth

    When selling a property, a buyer can refuse to buy it if it is infested with termites.  Timber Pest inspection is used to determine which area in the house has the best conditions for termites. This inspection will also show where treatment should be done.

    In Perth the annual flights for termites are usually in early spring and therefore homeowners should be on the lookout for any kinds of infestation.  In the early days of summer, the air is humid and temperatures are on the rise. It is these factors that force termites to leave their nests in search of food and new places to establish nests.  Contrary to popular believe, termites are not attracted to old houses. In Australia, damages caused by termites exceed   $2 billion. An experienced exterminator is able perform simple tests to determine termite activity and advice you accordingly.

    Inspection is usually done in the main dwelling area, roof void and below the floor. Areas that are about 50 meters from the home or main structure.  Before buying a home, most buyers in Perth Western Australia would want a pre-purchase termite inspection to be done.  All termite inspections need to comply with Australian standard “4349.3”. These standards require that termites, borer, fungal decay and chemical delignification need to be reported.  An ordinary Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection in Perth only a visual inspection. However, it is possible to request a more thorough inspection. A limitation of inspection and pre-engagement document is issued after the inspection is done.

    To help in ensuring quality inspections the “Timber Pest Pre-purchase Inspection Clause” was developed by the Real Estate Institute that is based in the West of Australia.  This condition demand that you be given a report after inspection is done by a certified exterminator. This report does not take more that 5 business days for you to get it.

    The Termite Clearance Clause certifies that a building is free of termites.  The Timber Test pre-purchase Clause certifies that a building has is free from not only termites but also other insects. The seller is required to pay for repairs in damages due to pests are uncovered.  You the buyer have the option to refuse to buy the property if seller refuses to repair damages due to pests.  The REIWA standard clause can be reworded to fit specific condition for sale.  Pest inspection is optional especially if the buyer feel comfortable with the condition of the building i.e. if the structure is new.

    Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Perth
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