• Rodent Control Perth – Prevention Tips

    Rodent Control Perth Tips

    Rodents not only eat food but also contaminate it. In an attempt to get the food, rodents damage the containers and other packaging materials used to store food. Rats are also known to gnaw on both electrical and wooden items; this can damage the item or cause a fire.

    Here are a few tips on how to control rodents in your home in Perth:

    • Keep all possible entry points such as ventilation screens and eaves in top condition.
    • Seal all points where pipes, cables and wires enter your home.
    • Ensure your windows have screens and the screen is in top condition.
    • Install a spark arrester in your chimney.
    • Screens on the roof and attic air vents should be in good condition at all times.
    •   Your doors should be tight fitting and be weatherproofed at the bottom.
    • The gaps  on garage doors should be sealed.
    • Drier vents should be installed with self-closing doors or be stuffed with clothes as a screen.
    • Pet door into your house should be closed when not in use.
    • The garage door should remain closed when not in use.
    • As a long-term measure you should ensure that you do not feed, water or shelter the rodents. They reproduce rapidly in these conditions.

    While mice are fun pets for some people, other rodents might not be as welcome.

    Rodent Control Perth – Prevention Tips
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