• Termite Control Perth – Prevention Tips

    Termite Prevention tips for Perth Residents

    Homeowners do not like the work termite; it sends shivers down their spine. Termites invade your home leaving a huge repair bill. Funny enough, we do our best to unintentionally attract these insects to our homes. Here are ideas that can help keep off termites.

    Avoid keeping wood items on the ground

    You should avoid having wood items such as firewood and tree stumps. If they have to be on the yard, you should raise them not less than 15 cm from the ground. Wood items on the ground are more than appetising for termites.

    Ensure your foundation is always dry

    Termites are attracted to dampness. It’s therefore paramount that your foundation remains dry. All appliances that could leak water in your foundation such as pipes, gutters and drain pipes should be repaired or replaced.

    Mulch carefully

    There is no doubt that mulch can make you garden look great. However, it dampens the soil as it allows little evaporation. About 5-7 cm of mulch is usually enough but should be kept away from wood framing, stairs and siding.


    Prevention is better than cure; part of prevention is inspection. Inspection is done on all parts of the garden or house that can harbor termites. Inspection should be done at least twice in a year.


    Do not be fooled by building materials. Termites can also attack other material such as brick and steel.

    Termite Control Perth – Prevention Tips
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