• The Most Poisonous Spiders In Australia

    Australia is a country rich in wildlife. The species everyone talks about are often deadly wildlifespecies. Australia is home to 20 out to the top 25 deadly snakes, large predators, dangerous insects and even more worse, poisonous spiders. Which spiders are considered the deadliest out of all the poisonous species in Australia?

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    Perth Funnel Web Spider

    This spider ranks as the Number 1 most poisonous spider; it’s found in along the east coast but mostly around Sydney and Illawarra areas. It’s an extremely toxic species of spider, and it’s very aggressive if it feels threatened. There are cases in the past where the funnel web spider attacked so hard that the spider’s bite penetrated through boots and other types of hard footwear.

    In the event of being bitten by one of these deadly spiders, immediate treatment is required. Antivenom should be administered as soon as possible. Before the 1980s the bites of the funnel web spider mostly resulted in fatalities.

    There are other types of funnel web spiders, and unfortunately, each single member of this family are quite venomous. It isn’t surprising that the Northern Tree Funnel Web Spider and The Southern Tree Funnel Web Spider take the second and third place in Australia’s most poisonous spiders. Encounters with these spiders are quite rare.

    Redback Spider

    The Redback spider is part the of black widow family. The female spiders are larger than the males and more poisonous than the male spiders. The Redbacks prefer occupying warm spaces which is probably why they’re found in old car tires and leaf litter.

    There have been several incidents in Australia where these spiders have made ATM’s and cash machines their home in their quest for a warm home. Call Spider treatment Perth service providers to deal with spider infestation.

    Mouse Spider

    Don’t be fooled by the size of the mouse spider. It’s very deadly and very poisonous. These spiders tend to dig holes or burrows for their home. They are known for making burrows as deep as a mouse’s burrow which is how they got their name.

    The Mouse Spiders are far less aggressive when compared to the Funnel Web Spider. There are very fewer chances of being bitten by a Mouse Spider but being bitten can lead to severe pain and illnesses.


    There are various poisonous spiders all around the world, but we’re less likely to have an encounter with a poisonous spider unless we go searching for them. Spiders we find around our home are mostly harmless, but you should always be careful before trying to interact with a spider irrespective of how poisonous it is.

    You can contact Spider treatment Perth service providers to inspect your property so that you and your pets are saved from the spider bites.

    The Most Poisonous Spiders In Australia
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